A Little Bit About the Owners


Janet and Jennifer Hyde

Janet and I were literally born into the label business. We are originally from Omaha, NE and are the youngest of 6 children. Our Dad owned and operated a successful label company and Mom ran a tape press in our basement (didn’t everyone’s Mom?). In the early 70’s, our folks decided to move the family to Arizona, eventually settling in Phoenix to start a new label company. Over the next 20 years, they would go on to create and grow 2 very successful label companies in both the Phoenix area and in Safford, AZ where Legacy Label would eventually be born in 1993. We had the honor of working alongside our parents and they taught us everything we know about making labels today and their secret was simple. Work hard, play fair and always put the customer first…that excellent quality and customer service were of the utmost importance and to never compromise on either.

While various family members have come and gone over the years, Janet and I still own and operate Legacy Label today. Our employees are extremely knowledgeable and have great technical skills plus a passion for helping you find and create the most suitable label for your application. We are committed to excellence, both in our craft and in customer service. Our customers are still number one and they are the only reason we’re here. We promise to never forget that.


Jennifer Hyde Blair


Janet Hyde Stephens


Please call us today. We appreciate any opportunity to be of service.

Label Types & Materials

Custom printed labels for most applications and markets using materials like polyester, vinyl, paper and more.

Printing Capabilities

Learn about our various printing processes including UV Cured, roll-fed screen, letterpress, digital and more.

File Guidelines

View our artwork creation guidelines to make sure your submitted artwork is in the correct format for printing.


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